Your Pet Loss Stories

'Sassy, My Silky Terrier'

by Dianne
(Scottsdale AZ)

This isn't a great story about pet loss. This story is a recent, horrible, experience about losing a pet in an instant. And I have to tell it because I feel like I'm losing my mind.

It was only 9 days ago that I lost my Sassy. I had flown down with her to visit my parents in Arizona on November 30 and the next day, on December 1, my step-father had a heart attack. The next few days were a blur of going to the hospital, watching him have a second heart attack and code in his room, and the resuscitation that quickly followed. His move to the ICU unit brought more bad news... the heart was badly damaged and at 85, he didn't want any invasive procedures. We prepared for his passing by calling relatives and getting things in order. And we prayed a lot.

The morning of December 12, Sassy and her cousin, a Jack Russell Terrier, were in the walled back yard when I heard my mother say "I can't see Sassy anywhere." Half dressed and just out of the shower, I grabbed a shirt and ran outside calling her name. No answer. Called louder and still no answer. Then I heard the most awful screams from my mom.. she saw a coyote carrying off my limp dog. I ran after it screaming something awful myself. The coyote dropped Sassy, but it was too late... she was already dead. The coyote had jumped a six-foot cement block fence and grabbed her, leaving the other dog barking and growling at the invader.

After I finally stopped screaming and crying, the numbness set in. A neighbor came over and placed her in a bag and put her carefully in a cardboard box. How she did that, I can't imagine. We drove Sassy to the vet and made arrangements. I reached through the box and touched the plastic. I felt my baby's warmth and said goodbye. I wanted to hold and kiss her but I knew that wasn't a good idea to see her that way.

Now, nine stays later, all I can think about is my baby and how she died. Even sitting next to my step-father in the care center, I don't know whom I am crying for... him... or her. She turned 5 on December 19 and it seemed like it all came back again. I know that it will get better, I want it to be better sooner than later.

If you are reading this and live in an area known to be frequented by coyotes (we saw them once in a while at night but not during the day) NEVER leave your dog(s) outside alone. Sometimes even that is not enough. I have been hearing stories of small dogs being grabbed while their owners walked them on a leash. Treasure your pet every day, you never know what could happen in an instant.

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