Your Pet Loss Stories

'Scooter Went To Heaven'

by Bobbi

My sweet Scooter

My sweet Scooter

Scooter was a little Bichon born 2-28-2006 came to me 6-15-2006. Such a sweet loving little guy and so smart. We rode the bike together, walked thousands of miles in his short life. I love him so much.

He was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma January 31, 2012 they gave him a month. He had chemo for 5 weeks did well, then it just grew faster. It was in the left side of his nose. I bought any thing I could afford to heal him, all kinds of stuff but it was too late.

It started with a bloody nose in Sept. that vet treated him for allergies for a few months. Wasted time, my baby was dying and I didn't know. It was the hardest thing in my life and I've been through some pretty bad things.

I had to let him go June 1, 2012. I loved him every minute of his short life and am crying in my laptop while writing this my sweet baby boy. He went into heaven in peace but I can't and will never stop loving him. He was the love of my life:)

I've since bought two more, because I couldn't live without loving a puppy. A boy almost 4 months old and a girl 3 months old. They are beautiful Scootzi and Binkzi they will help heal me. I'm sure with the love of God and the new babies I'll be fine.

I don't know why I lost my Scooter but pray to Jesus every day for sending him into my life. I've been blessed and now again twice so that's the story of the boy I love. I won't try to put a picture up because I've written this 4 times and lost it when I tried so for now, God bless this site and all of you and your losses. God has a plan even if it almost kills our hearts. Pet loss really hurts, may God bless all of us with love and health and new pets :}

To my boy Scooter, Mommy will always love and miss you. You always knew when it was time to go to work or walk and park so smart you thought your name was cheese sometimes. xxxooo

Your Mommy's new puppies love your toys and squeak squeaks.

My love, your Mommy:*

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