Your Pet Loss Stories

'Scottie Doggie Boy'

by Theresa

Scottie was my baby, a 9 pound Chihuahua mix. I saw him born as I owned his mother and father. I knew he and I were meant to be at that moment, almost 15 years ago. I lost him two days ago to heart failure. He had been having problems with his heart and lungs for a while but he seemed to living with it fine, eating well, playing with energy, jumping up and down.

I had brought him to the vet that afternoon at 4 pm for a follow up checkup. I am not sure if this aggravated his heart but once we got home he has a very hard time breathing. He could not even lay down to rest without difficulties. I called the vets office to which they told me to bring him back.

I pick up Scottie gently in a blanket and had my husband drive us to the vets office. As we got to the parking lot, I saw Scottie lose consciousness and he made a cry out loud while in my arms. I felt a tremendous pain in my heart as I knew he was leaving me. His body then went limp, with little signs of life. He died in my arms that evening in the parking lot of the vets office. I ran to the front door to see if there was anything they could do, as I held him limp body against my chest.

This was the most horrifying experience of my life. I loved Scottie so much. There are so many things that I could mention that would make people understand how much he meant to me. The way he would look for me in the window facing the street, putting his cold nose on my foot when he wanted me to grab his toy away from him. He slept on my bed for 15 years and now it is hard to even go into the bedroom. The heaviness in my heart is unbearable. I will miss you forever, old-man baby.

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