Your Pet Loss Stories

'Scruffy My Cairn Terrier'

by Erin

He was my best friend, my doggie friend. Me and my mother saw it coming, one day my mom told me that Scruffy doesn't look too good and usually when she says that he's eaten something bad but this time it was a lot different than him just being sick.

It was the Monday before he had passed away and I could see things starting to change in him. He didn't want to eat and he couldn't breathe out of his nose anymore. He got more tired and weak by Friday. Friday morning I told my mom to call me if anything gets worse with him and I'll be right down.

That Saturday morning she called for me to come home and take care of him. He was laying in his brown and leather bed breathing heavy and fast. He still could see and move a little. As the night went on he got more weak and moved less, I knew that he was slowly slipping away right in front of me. Sunday morning he started cry and whipping, I knew he was in pain. I couldn't handle seeing my Scruffy being in pain, I didn't want to but I knew I had to look up symptoms of a dying dog. That was so hard to read cos he was heading down that way.

Sunday night was the most hardest night of my life. He started to have the runs. I knew that it was coming to the end. I moved Scruffy to adjust him a little and his weak and tired body rested on my leg and I just looked at him and started to cry and kissed him on the head. Any time that his cries got louder I would hold his head and pet him. I slept in the living room on the couch right next to him. I did not sleep for almost the whole weekend, 3 hours tops of sleep.

By 6:00 am Monday me and my mother couldn't take seeing Scruffy like this anymore, we made the choice to call a home euthanisation. My mother went upstairs to get ready for work and I sat down holding Scruffy for just a little longer before the man came to our house at 7am. By 6:45 me and mother told Scruffy our goodbyes and shortly after that he passed away on his own. We called the vet that was on his way and told him that our dog passed away.

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