Your Pet Loss Stories

'Shadow Left Us Too Soon'

by Machelle

Shadow showed up in our backyard one day, a scared, tiny little black kitten with big golden eyes. We figured he had been born wild and somehow got separated from his mother. He ran away from us every time we got near him, but he made himself at home in our storage shed. I made him a bed, gave him food and water, and we gave him toys to play with. He would come out if we kept our distance and even play with his toys, but he was always afraid of people.

I decided to start trying to conquer his fear of us. Every day, I would take a small piece of lunchmeat and go out and throw them to him. I worked my way closer and closer until eventually he would take it from my hand. After a few days, I reached out to pet him. He hissed and ran away, but the next day he was ready for his little treat again. By the second time I tried to pet him, he remained cautious but did not run. When he started to purr, I thought it was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard.

We eventually managed to get him to come into our house and moved his things into our house with us. He was always timid around strangers but with me, he was the most lovable big goof you could ever imagine! He wanted cuddles every morning before he would even eat his breakfast and would "spoon" with me at night when we went to bed. I felt like I had a good friend in him. If I was sick, he would lay on top of my chest and sleep with me. It was very comforting.

Sadly, we could never get him to stay in the house for long and his life was taken as he tried to cross a road. He was truly special and he will always hold a special place in my heart. I miss him immensely.

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