Your Pet Loss Stories


by Anthony and Michele De Cenzo
(Ambridge PA)

This is a story about a loving friend and daughter that I lost on 12 Jan 2011. She was bright, funny and very kind. She loved kids and really loved to get to know your pet too.

So to start lets start at the being - she was a farm dog, who lived on a farm and did get a lot of running around but not what was required of a farm dog. So we took her in and give her a home. She loved my wife very much, because the first day home she jumped on my wife's lap. She was a big dog about 60 to 70 pounds then when she passed on she was 100 pounds. So she got a lot of love and attention.

Also during the first few years we had another dog name Lady, she was my dog and she was an older dog, we had her for over 12 years. She and Shasta at first did not get along, but after a while, Shasta came around and they became good buddies.

When we brought her home and started feeding her, she would take the food and bury it in the back yard. But after a while by watching Lady she starting eating whith us. She did love the Forsty Paws, that is dog ice cream and she would eat in two to three bites, She'd watch Lady licking the ice cream, then she starting licking and enjoying them.

She was a happy dog with us and loved going for walks, and running around the farm when we would go to the farm.

She loved sitting on the porch and laying in the yard watching people and other dogs walk by, she would bark at them and run up and down in the yard.

Shasta was a happy dog and gave me and my wife many happy moments in our life.

She is still in our hearts and minds, just like all our others dog that have passed on. We love her and will miss her.

Remember they will always be in our lives even after they are go to a better place with no pain. A place with all the food and drink and running around with her other sisters that are up there with her. Love and miss her.

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