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After 3 years
by: Anonymous

Update - It has been 3 years since Silverbelles death.
Since that time we had another cat who lived to be
17 yrs old and died and adopted two more cats so we are now back up to 5. Our oldest is 19 yrs old and now she is in the early stages of renal failure. The grief is not as strong but I still think about her often. I have a picture of
her on my nightstand and her ashes. As much as I adore all my cats they can never take my little girls place.

Group Hug
by: Anonymous

By the picture you submitted and your story she was the sweetest kitty. I am sorry for your loss and there is nothing that can fix the hole in your heart. I lost my girl (Mitze-picture of here on this site)and I miss her so much. It gets a little better after time and it will hurt less.

I hope they go to a place where they are part of something bigger and that there is more than just this existence. Regardless of that even if we knew how it would end I think we would all sign on again. I am trying to find a reason why something we love so much is taken from us but I cannot find an answer yet. It is tough to be a part of the big plan but not know what the whole plan is. I am able to remember the good times more than the end now.

We lose are babies but have to find a way to move on. They would not want us to suffer. While I have my moments they are less now. I was able to talk to my father who had lost his dog after 13 years a while ago. He understood where I was at just talking about her helped me. I felt like I could almost reach through time and space to touch her but could not get the last little part.

After a period of sadness a friend asked me if I would be interested in another cat that had it's owner pass away. I decided that I can honor my lost girl by giving another one who needs a home a loving place to live. Lilly is a lovely girl. She does not replace Mitze but a trail has been blazed by the first, the second is here but will move on someday. There will be others to follow. There will be a more sadness and more hapiness but that what life is.

To risk loving so much we sometimes have to experience the pain of loss. Life sure can be tough. I'm in -- as I know you are. My best wishes to you during this extremely difficult time in your life.

Thank you
by: Chris R

I appreciate your kind thoughts. Right now, we are so desolute. As a child you get over the loss of a pet quicker than you do as an adult. This is the first time, really dealing with the loss of someone beloved as her and we are trying to cope thank God for this site...

by: Margaret handy-Williams, NS. Canada

I am VERY SORRY for your loss.

Margaret - HUGS

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