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'Silverbelle's Story'

by Chris R.
(Alexandria, VA)

My little girl

My little girl

This is the story of my little girl named Silverbelle, who died in the early morning hours of 25 September 09. For seven years, she was the light of my life. To know a bit about her let me give you a brief history.

I found her at a shelter and I saw her and it was love at first sight. As a kitten she would chew on my t-shirt for comfort and as she grew older she was simply a happy go lucky little girl that simply loved her momma. As I left in the morning and came home at night she was always there. I would carry her upstairs with me. She was simply my world.

When I had to go away on trips she would see my suitcase and become depressed which tore at my heart. But always, when I came back it was pure joy to see the look of happiness on her face. Having recently returned from a trip my husband had told me she came down sick.. She suffered from Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

For the past 8 days, it was trips to the vet she would come home and feel better but the next morning she was always back to square one. On the night of 24 Sep 09, me and my husband made the decision to have her admitted to the pet hospital in hopes they could find out why she was still sick and not getting better.

After a battery of tests, the doctors said she had an enlarged liver (auto-immune disease) her chances were 50 50. I started crying thinking why her. I stayed with her as long as I could last night. Singing her favorite song "Silver Bells" as me and my husband was getting ready to leave. She looked at us as to say good bye.

As I was at work this morning to get the new she passed away. I started crying as if my soul had left me. My world will no longer be the same. I went to see her body to have closure. She had her eyes opened she was lying on her side but she looked peaceful. But all I kept saying was wake-up baby, I need you, please do not leave me.

Right now, as I type this story with a t-shirt she slept on last night with tears in my eyes. I think of every memory of her, I felt blessed to have her in my life. All I know is that I will see her in heaven one day...

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