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I've got you on 11.12.2005 from my Uncle. You were a surprise gift, named you Simba upon the Lion King. Enjoyed each moment with you, driving with you, holidays and many more till the day came when I got married and my inlaws did not accept you.

You stayed with my mom and dad, my sis in law loved you as much as I did, dad took over the grooming part and mom and sister in law the feeding part. I know all your needs are fulfilled but still it's emptiness where only I can feel. You need me to love, whenever I come back home, you will be greeting me with such a joy, and hoping that I'll spend more time with you, but hope you understand dear, with kids I tried to but with limited time (when I'm visiting you for 2 day max, it's really short time).

Now that I've bought a house on my own where I and your sister Shreya had plans for you, we bought your new grooming stuffs and toys... planned for a little house for you at home... so that when you are back to your joyful life with me. Stayed a month and a half with me.. you let me groom you and cuddle you, feed you and play with you... you made the love grew and suddenly you left me. I still cannot believe you're gone.

Simba, having you for 6 1/2 seemed like forever until May 19, 2012 12.45pm. I'm so sorry for what happened. All I wish is I could've done more to help you. I wish you didn't have to go so soon, none of us wanted you to. I'm having a very hard time understanding why you didn't tell me that you are sick. You could have given me some clue that Friday nite would have been our last walk and it would have been our last time together. Or did you came back to me just to be with me to say goodbye (you already knew it? Don’t you? I was so glad to spent the precious moments with you and ready to welcome you to our new home, but I am so frustrated that it was cut short without any indication. Just want you to know that you have never been a burden to me. I would have given anything to still have you.

It happened so fast and it seems like yesterday that we were at the vet and I was holding you praying that you would be alright. I was not aware of this condition called hernia... You have been suffering all these while and did not show me that it was hard for you. Putting you down to sleep would be the hardest thing, and I was wrong, I realise now that life without you is the hardest thing ever. I know my decision was best for you, I just wish it didn't hurt so bad.

You were such a good boy, everyone who knows you will love you. You are my first baby, friend and my buddy on my worst days. You looked after your sister (Shreya), with such tender loving care and I will always know and remember how much you loved her. (You will always be my 1st baby).

I know God is with you just like me carrying you around (our old good times) by that thought I know you're in heaven and that makes my heart at ease (at least a bit and makes me feel less guilty for not being with you when you were put to sleep, I could not bear it). Someday I'll see you there and we'll be together once again. RIP I love you Simba! I will remember you forever hope you will born again as my baby boy..

Love you so much… Always in my heart soul and mind.... missing you terribly..

Your Mamma

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