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You are not alone
by: Theresa

I totally understand how you are feeling. Although I was with most my doggies when the end came there was one that I wasn't with and that will haunt me forever.

She was my first ever love and the circumstances under which I lost her are still too unbearable to talk about even after 27 years, in fact it was her passing on the 28th of this month.

All I can say is that he wasn't alone, his dad was with him and I truly believe that he knew why you couldn't be there, you would never have let him go!

There are no words of condolences, there are no words to ever make you feel better, trust me I know but when you know you are not the only one that has ever felt that way, you realise you are not alone.

He will be in your heart forever and you will be in his until you meet again, and he will understand.

by: Anonymous

I didn't go when my dog died and I too regretted that decision. But I did say my goodbye's and was with him until the final moments. But when I think back I realize that what I did was best for him. It will be hard and you will find that the feeling will haunt you. But when that feeling comes to me I look at his picture and tell him I love him and am happy that he is in a better place. You are not alone with your feelings.

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