Your Pet Loss Stories

'Snoopy's Story'

by Nancy A.
(Miami, Fl)

Snoopy's Story started 16 years ago..... I took my 2 year old son to a pet shop next to the daycare school. Almost everyday he made me take him there but one day we saw something special, a litter of Rat Terrier puppies. It was love at first sight for my son and I. We asked but they were too expensive for us but something made me want to have one of those puppies. I saved up and everyday I went to pickup my son from school we made a point to go by the pet shop.

Finally I had enough saved up to buy the puppy we had been wanting for weeks. I let my son pick out the one he wanted, although in my mind I wanted all of them. At the age of 8 weeks Snoopy had a new loving home. Special he was and special he always considered me to be by the look he would give me for 16 years. All that would meet Snoopy and see how he would look at me would always say that my dog was in love with me and you know what? I really believed it but I loved him just as much. He looked like a little hippo as a puppy.

Now the years have passed and Snoopy was as active as ever. This little dog had no end and he was as loving as anyone could be. One day on a regular vet visit we were told that Snoopy had a heart murmur, I was devastated with this news but I was not going to give up on him. He was put on daily medication and a special diet. He was worth all it took to keep him with us.

Snoopy never seemed to have any problems what so ever, always full of energy, jumping as high as he could and would never lose sight of me for anything. I knew he loved me more than anything.

At the age of 15 incredible years, due to his heart medication he was diagnosed with a liver infection that eventually took him from me just before he turned 16 years of age. The doctors first option was to put him down but I wholeheartedly refused as I did when we found out about his heart problem. I Googled all of the possibilities on what to do to keep him with me. I did the hipatic diet, milk thistle, Sam-e, etc.

On 2/8/11 I had to make the grim decision to put Snoopy down. One of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make. I have lost loved ones before but none so close to me as my Snoopy. It is a difficult thing to do but as hard of a decision as it was, I knew Snoopy knew that we had done all possible to help him and that our love for him was endless. We miss Snoopy dearly and he will always be in our hearts.

Don't under estimate or ignore the love that you can get and give to an animal because their love to you is totally unconditional and limitless.

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