Your Pet Loss Stories

'So Lucky to Have Lucky'

by Wizvisionary
(Philippines, Tarlac)

I can still imagine her waiting for me at the door. I can still feel her quick lick on my face. My cat, Lucky has always been a mysterious creature for me.

One morning, six years ago, her mother, Ivory, accidentally slipped her inside a kettle box. Ivory was hysterical and running around. She led us to the box below my sister’s bed. My mother took the kettle out and decided that the box be her temporary home because she looked so little and fragile.

She was like a round cotton ball with two small eyes. Whenever we took a look inside the box, she was always sitting straight - looking at us with her sparkling blue eyes. By afternoon, she was struggling to get out. I can see the box shaking for hours. With great determination, she was able to get out by evening. The next day she was following me everywhere.

On her second year, she lost her mother. I was devastated. Lucky almost died. She stopped eating for several days and was always looking by the door. Maybe she was still waiting for her mother to return. When, I got home, she walked to me weakly and meowed sadly. I understood at once that she wanted to be comforted with her loss. I took her and let her rest on my lap. I can feel her crying. The next day, she was eating again.

Although Lucky is the sweetest cat in the world, she had lots of illnesses and deformities. Her eyes swell all the time and her front legs are a bit crooked. She meows rarely and had no teeth. With the advice of our local vet, we injected her with vitamins and antibiotics to heal whenever needed. She ate a lot. She was a fighter.

Since my job is far from home, I can only go back and check her every week. She knew when I will be back. On Saturdays, she will be sitting in front of our big door, waiting for me. She will greet me happily and never leave my side. I will talk to her softly telling her anything. Then, she will let out a soft meow I’ve always wanted to hear. When I have to leave her again, she will be looking on until I disappear from her sight.

Licking is Lucky’s hobby. In the middle of the night, she always startles me with a quick lick on the face. Then, she will sleep again. When my mother is busy, she also gives her a lick at the back of her leg then hide under the bed. When my sister or father is watching TV, she licks their feet or elbows. Whatever Lucky can reach, she will lick. My sister always told me that Lucky is like a dog.

I got used to seeing her by the front door whenever I got home. On Saturday, June 9, 2012, she failed to greet me. I went inside the house looking for her. My mother followed me and told me the heartbreaking news, my Lucky was gone. I felt numb for a moment and uncontrollably tears fell on my cheeks.

I asked my mother how she died. She was perfectly fine on Thursday except that she never ate her dinner. She just went under the table and slept. My mother even saw Lucky raise her head to look at her. She was shocked to see her gone the next morning. There were no signs and symptoms of her pain if there were any. Or, with her past illnesses, she was good in hiding. She never wanted to worry us. I pray that she died peacefully in her sleep. Lucky was found under the table in front of the door, as if trying to wait for me. Sadly, she never made it and I came late.

She was buried at the back of our house. My mother told me that even in death, Lucky was like white cotton. She wanted her to be buried in our farm but for some unexplainable reason, Lucky’s body never wanted to leave the house. From birth to death, she stayed. I went to her resting place and struggled not to cry. I told her I’m home and apologize for all the times I’m gone. I thanked her for all the good memories. I love Lucky so much but I knew I have to let her go. I know that it will pain her more to see me crying and lonely. She will always be in my heart. I pray that when it’s time for me to go too, she will be waiting for me by Heaven’s door, greeting me with a loud and happy “meow!” with her sparkling blue eyes.

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