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'Soft as a Kitten'

I'm not well educated and my spelling isn't that great but here I sit just a day after losing my sweet kitten, her name was Baby Girl.

This little bundle of joy came into my life almost as surprising as she went out. I had gone outside and kept hearing a kitty meow, I looked everywhere and finally on my way back inside I saw her. She had just been born obviously she was still wet and her cord was still slimy. No momma cat to be found just this sweet little thing laying in the dirt. I was just dumb founded. I scooped her up, cleaned her and this is when I lost my heart.

I had a new born baby, I was making bottles every 2 hours I was pooping and peeing, I was snuggling this tiny furry little thing that was cuddling me back. In just a matter of a couple days she knew my voice, with eyes still closed she would start crying for me she knew I was near. Soon as I would pick her up she was purring and rubbing her tiny little face to mine. She would love on my hand, bore from that and find her way up my arm to my chest to my face which was her favorite spot. She would nuzzle my nose and my lips even trying to suckle my bottom lip it was like kisses from heaven the sweetest thing.

I think she was born early maybe she was very tiny only maybe as long as my pinky when I found her and it took 2 whole weeks before that first eye peeked open. I then became worried that maybe she was blind so by the time the other eye opened I had sat her on the bed across from me and patted the bed called to her it took a second but you could tell instantly that she saw me here. Her tiny little self came stumbling and doing her best to get to her momma who she loved. My heart was over joyed and I was blessed.

So a couple more weeks go by and she is growing and learning and playing but still her favorite thing was loving on my face and I just Fell head over hills in love with her, she was my Baby Girl. At 4 weeks old she was very active and happy and growing like a weed. I had read maybe it was time to introduce kitty litter so she could get used to it and in the same day I put a small litter box for her in her pen she started using it I was so happy and excited. The day after I was getting her cleaned up for bottle time. By this I would use a warm baby wipe and kinda just give her my best version of a momma cat lick down all around and she always loved it and then would be ready for bottle time. I noticed a little bit of litter on her chin but thought nothing of it at the time. She was kinda fussy to eat that day and I noticed she hadn't pottied in her litter and I wasn't getting a poo from cleaning either. Someting I had learned to watch for from the beginning and if her tummy was hard I would simply put a few drops of karo in her bottle and by that evening we would have a poo no biggy mommys know these things right.

Well that evening she started having a lot of liquid poo and but had become less fussy and a lil more active but still not interested in eating and I became very worried about hydration so was doing my best to get her to drink. And again she would take what I wanted her to take but nothing really extra. My hubby and I were straightening out her pen, she had stuffed animals I had bought her to snuggle with and soft baby blankeys I had bought just for her and those I would change daily and wash. I decided we needed to take the litter out I really wanted to be able to see how much she was pooing and peeing again thought nothing of this.

I wake up yesterday she's really fussy not taking bottle just wants to love on my face and purr I became concerned, called vet and was told sounded like I was doing all I could and unless she became slow or limp didn't sound like a great concern, to just keep getting her to take what I could .

Within an hour things went from bad to worse and she passed away wrapped in her little soft blanky snuggled to my face. I don't think I need to say this is written with tears flowing this has just broken my heart. After searching and listing her symptoms what I have come to believe happened is she had eaten some of the litter and I had no clue that clumping litter was so dangerous for cats and dogs even if eaten. It absorbs 10 times its mass in water and hardens in their little tummys totally blocking all from coming out and then to the point of nothing more able to go in and it happens quick. If I had knew or found that before I had called the vet the call would not have been made I would have called on my way to the vet instantly and my sweet Baby might still be here but from what I've also read about this that is a slim chance as well. This type of thing happens often and happens quick and is very little even surgery isn't always a help.

I'm not just writing this with hopes in some way it will ease my pain, this is very hard for me I feel like I lost my very own human baby for my own very stupid mistake and it's eating me up. I have washed and folded all her blankeys and tucked them away with all her little critters she loved to snuggle in except for one her very fav it's tucked on my night stand by my bed were it will always stay.

She has been placed to rest in my friendship garden were I spend a lot of my time. I will be doing something very special to mark her place in loving memory. Please read about the dangers of clumping cat litter. I have 2 small dogs and an adult tom in my home that has used this same litter for years, it's gone now replaced with natural sand. This might make keeping the box fresh and clean a little more work for me but I'll never buy scoopable or any chemical litter again.

I loved her sooooooooooooo much and I miss her so bad I am just lost. Rest in peace my sweet Baby Girl 5-31-12 she was just a little over 4 weeks old. If I could just feel that Soft Kitten fur tickle my nose.

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