Your Pet Loss Stories

'Sonny B. My Bestfriend Forever, Or So I Thought'

by Daniel Ray Bibb
(Del Rey California)

My Boy, it hasn't been 12 hrs and I miss him so.

My Boy, it hasn't been 12 hrs and I miss him so.

When I was born my parents had a 4 year old cat whose name is Sonny. The day I came home he was in my crib every night. We had grown into companions. We grew up together my Mom told me stories of how he laid on my face, and how we were best buds. I carried him by the neck and would aggravate him. As I grew he grew old. When my Dad and I would go for walks he would wait for me by our gate. He always loved me as I loved him. Life was great.

Until 3 days ago, he had a stroke that impaired him a lot. We had to feed him with a syringe and water. He had no control of his tail or right side. We thought he would pass naturally within a few days. He hadn't. After the third day, today we had him put down. I was there by his side with my Mom but the vet made us leave to give him the shot in the heart. The vet said he had gone instantly, and had no pain.

When he had the stroke on the second day I laid in the grass with him and thought to myself, it's time. I had told him that I will miss him every time I got up to do anything, just in case. I thought to myself I'm ready for him to move on and stop suffering. I didn't cry during the short procedure. We had taken his empty "god given vessel" home to bury. Now outside my window next to the wall lies the body of my beloved Sonny.

I told my Mom I wanted to go to school to keep him out of mind. It was the most depressing 3 hours ever. All I could do is think about him and mourn in my head. I had also said some things to people that I didn't mean, and for those I know and I share this with, I'll tell you later.

I had come home after school thought of him outside my windows and cried mourned and thought of all the good times, bad times, and I thought mostly about how on the way, he had climbed with one paw up my shoulder and stayed there comforting me. He knew it was time. When it was over he was in a carrier the vet handed it to me, said he had no pain and he went really really fast and that he was ready. She said to me and made me tear up was he is in a better place now. I thought, why can't I go with him?

I will miss him until we meet again. Knowing so doesn't relieve the pain like I thought it would but it helps a little bit. The mourning process is still bad and I am unwell but he'll live with me in my heart and memories and we will meet again. I try to think of it like he moved to a far away country. Though I see and know I was there when he went. It was sad. I knew I had to and he would be there with me spiritually from now on and to not be too sad. On 4/20/12 at 10:36 he was gone.

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