Your Pet Loss Stories


by Saffron Louise

I had Sooty from the day I was born. She was born in the July and I was born in the October after. From a young age she slept at the end of my cot. She shared my first 'big girls' bed with me, and she soon turned into my best friend.

As the years went on I told her more secrets, gave her more cuddles and she caught many of my tears. She became my baby girl, my best friend and my pet. I trained her that when I clapped my hands twice and said "Sooty, bed time" she'd run upstairs and wait for me on my bed.

Towards the end she started to get a white lining cover her eyes. We took her to the vet and they told us it was an infection. A month later it got worse and, she started to sneeze a lot, go blind and couldn't walk so we took her to another vets.

It turns out the white lining was a tumor, and a big one at that. It moved her nose over which caused the sneezing, she couldn't see and that's what decreased her ability to walk.

We didn't know we were going to have her put down, but we expected it. But that didn't make it any easier. The night before she went, I fell asleep with my head gently resting on her body and her paw in my hand with her tail wrapped around my wrist.

I'll never EVER forget you Sooty. My best friend. My childhood. My baby. My pet. My everything. Sleep tight.

21.07.1995 - 18.11.2011.

I love you.

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