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Its only been two days since my family lost our beloved cat Spike, who tragically died suddenly while we were away on holiday.

He truly was the best companion we could ask for and loved any kind of fuss and attention. He hated being alone, would always strive to be centre of attention and was funny in so many ways it's hard to know what to write about. In truth he was more like a dog than a cat.

The problem with Spike was his weight, we had always known this since we had him as a kitten and no matter how much we restricted his diet he remained a very large boy. I think he most likely charmed the neighbors into feeding him as well. Sadly, he died of a sudden heart attack whilst eating in the morning. He is going to be missed by not just my family, but the whole street. He was such a character.

Although it kills me that we weren't with him at his death, it consoles me that it was sudden, he wouldn't have known anything and that he died in the home he loved, doing the thing he loved most. Having said that it's devastating for him to be so happy one moment, and gone the next.

No cat could have been loved more than our Spike, he was everyone's best friend and cannot be replaced. And I know he knew that. I'll love him till my death and he'll be with me wherever I go.

RIP boy, have fun up there xxx

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