Your Pet Loss Stories

'Sundae Girl'

by Dan
(South Wales, UK)

I never intended to have 2 dogs but that is what I ended up with when working at the PDSA! (animal hospital) Sunday came in as an in patient with a pelvic fracture so was with us for at least six weeks before her rotten owners never turned up to collect her! I was secretly glad as I had already fallen in love.....

I changed the spelling of her name because she looked like a little ice cream sundae and she was now one of my family (me, Thumper the cat and Gracie dog).

Always the mischief maker - getting lost several times chasing squirrels, returned to me again following an advertisement in the local paper, it seemed that it was our fate to be together! No matter how naughty she could be, she always knew how to open my heart with her little teddy bear eyes and her capacity to cuddle (oh god how I miss that cuddle).

She was thirteen when she was diagnosed with Cushings disease and the vet thought it best to not put her through the agony of treatment when there was never a guarantee of success anyway. So in her fourteenth year I had to make the unbearable decision to end her suffering. I knew I had to be the one to assist in her euthanasia and the memory of her little brown eyes looking up at me in her last breaths will torment me forever.....

I am on the fourth day without her and I cannot bear the pain of her empty basket. I found myself putting her food bowl out this morning on automatic pilot - unbearable! I have gone through all the recent photos of her and plaster them around the house - I know it sounds morbid but I don`t know what else to do right now.

I hope and trust that the pain will subside eventually but until then I`m just desperately trying to get through each day....
The goal is to get through a decent nights sleep and a day without crying (I even cry when trying to eat!)

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