Your Pet Loss Stories

'Sweet Custard'

by Julie

I saw her a couple of times at the pet store before I finally bought her. She would climb up my arm, straight to my head. I fell in love with that little sweet bird right away. She went to anyone and would let anyone pet her and rub her head. She never once bit me or anyone else.

She lived for only 5 years and I am grieving her loss so very much. She used to stay in my room so every time I go in there I am reminded that she is not here. She died 2 days after we got home from vacation. I can't help but feel responsible for her being sick. She deserved so much more from me and I will forever feel I should have done more for her.

I am grieving her loss from my life deeply. I believe she is in Heaven. I believe the Lord will allow me to spend time with her again. I want her to know that I am sorry and I will always, always love her. I will always remember her and her life had value to me. So much value.

I love you sweet Custard, precious baby.

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