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by Annette

Sweetie-Pie lounging as always

Sweetie-Pie lounging as always

Sweetie-Pie passed away just over a month ago on April 12. We were "lucky" enough to have a vet come out on Easter Sunday to put her to sleep at home. We couldn't bear the thought of taking her to the vet, scared and feeling so ill she could barely walk.

Our SP was around 20 years old. She was quite a cat. My partner got her at around 5 years old. I came into her life another 5 years later. I had never had a cat before only birds, so this was a real treat to learn about cats and I grew to love her very quickly.

She was only 8.5 lbs, but had all of this long calico colored hair which would get on everything.

She used to race around the house when she was a bit younger and we would hide around corners and jump out when she was least expecting.

People were always surprised by her age as she got into her middle to late teens. She was so spry with not a thing wrong with her. We were so lucky to have such a healthy cat so long. Her illness only lasted 6 months or so. We don't really know what she had besides hyperthryroidsm, but likely she might have had cancer.

My favorite thing was for her to cuddle with me on a Saturday morning, her head often on my pillow facing me. What a precious little face she had. I love and miss her so much, my heart aches to write this.

I will always love you and miss you.


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