Your Pet Loss Stories


by Sarah Honey

My Stepdad was working and came across an ad for a free dog. He took a picture of the ad and came home and showed me and my Mom. We called the lady and came out that night to come see him. His name was Sweetpea and it was love at first sight. We all instantly became attached to him. My parents agreed to take him home with us.

When we got him home we had to introduce him to our other dog Biscuit. Unfortunately they did not get along at first but over some time they seemed to like each other. Well over a couple of months he started to pee blood and strain to go poop so we took him to his monthly vet visit. That's when we found out our poor Sweetpea had bladder & prostate cancer. They gave us some medicine to help him not pee blood and that was working for awhile.

Then things started to take a turn for the worse. He started having accidents in the house and they were realy bloody. We called the vet and they ordered some more medicine and it kinda helped but then on 03-31-2011 we finaly had to put him down. He was such a good dog and will be missed by many.

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