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I lost my amazing, most loving cat yesterday. She used to have my German Shepherd mix, Cody, as her best friend. They followed each other everywhere. She waited for Cody when he'd go outside and meow when she saw him at the door to tell me to let him back in. They ate together and as a kitten he carried her around so gently.

Sydney just had a tumor in her lungs removed. Turned out to be cancer. We live in LA. Something in our water causes cancer we just heard on the news and now I'm wondering if this is what caused it.

I was told they got all of it. A month had almost gone by and she almost stopped eating. I fed her anything she'd eat. The calorie jell from Petco is about all she'd eat. Then I put Cody's ashes on the floor next to her. She jumped up and rubbed against the box and purred and tried to get into the small box. She seemed so happy to be with his ashes like he was there.

Well a few days later, a few minutes before I was leaving the house to go to my callback for The X Factor, Sydney cried out. I found her in the hall open mouth breathing. We rushed her to the vet. She didn't make it. I stayed with her and held her after she passed. The vet told me to still go to the call back and to make this day count. They let me come late thankfully but it's interesting how some people just can not care. Others can be so kind.

Most people there didn't care and treated us so bad. Like we didn't have souls. I went in and my heart wasn't into it. I wanted to just curl up in a ball and finally let it sink in that she had passed but I drove 6 hours to get to the auditions and 2 hours to each callback, so I tried but it's hard to hide pain. Now it's all hitting me. I lost my little girl. She took care of me like a guardian Angel. She was pure love. Feisty too in the best way.

She was around 18 but the vet said that they would have guessed 7 or so because she was jumping fences still and in great shape. If she didn't get cancer, she would have lived years longer. God I miss her. She is my favorite soul, love, my everything. If humans were more like animals, this world would be a much better place.

I love you Sydney!!! You are my heart and made me a better person and made my life so much better. Thank you more than words could ever say for that. I hope I'm with you and Cody and my other loves soon. I know you're up there with Cody and so happy now. You deserve to be the happiest you can possibly be. Thank you my baby girl!!!!!

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