Your Pet Loss Stories

'Tara Puppy Girl'

by Beth Howard
(Lake Havasu City AZ)

Taras Favorite Spot

Taras Favorite Spot

Tara was a German Shepherd/Husky min. She was the fourth puppy born of a six puppy litter all of the rest black and tan as sherpherds are. When she was born, I asked her mother, Scarlett, "Now, Scarlett, where did this white puppy come from?" She immediately captured my heart and for the next seventeen and a half years was my constant companion.

Three weeks ago we took her to the vet for a check up. The next day, we received a voice mail from the vet who could not believe a dog her age was so healthy. Six hours, she slipped quietly away while we watched TV. I went to pet her good night and she was gone.

She had passed away on a Friday night, giving me one final gift: she gave Saturday and Sunday to try to come to terms with losing her before I had to go back to work. I cry a little less every day but cannot wait until we meet again over the Rainbow Bridge.

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