Your Pet Loss Stories


by Marc

I adopted this little one year old cat from the local SPCA. She was a beautiful sleek black DSH. She had big eyes and such a playful and accepting nature.

I took her home and she immediately made friends with my other cats, especially one of my older cats, Gypsy. They played and chased each other inside and outside. Teena was always waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs every morning. I would have to chase her as well at night, our little game. I always went to her couch on the way to bed to say goodnight.

She loved it when we were all outside, she was extra naughty then. All my other cats had to be on their toes. She loved to have a bowl of milk now and again.

Then one night she wasn't on her couch. I thought nothing of it. The same next night, so I went outside and found her lying on one of the chairs. She looked unhappy and tired. I brought her inside. The next three nights I found her hidden in the downstairs bedroom where she spent her first week with us last year. Yesterday I took her to the vet and after leaving her with them to do tests I got the call I was dreading. She had advanced feline leukemia.

They kept her overnight to start treatment. The next morning they confirmed the worst, she was fading. I had to make the ultimate call. It was heartbreaking but it had to be done. So I went to the vet and spent the last 10 mins of her life holding her. She was happy to see me and purred right up to the end.

I miss her so much and have spent the day crying.

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