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'Thank You Waldo, My Best Friend and Fellow Adventurer'

Waldo's soul has passed on to the other side. As a most loving and gentle soul, he shared almost 7 months with me as a yellow Lab puppy. He loved walking in the fields, playing in the snow, and of course swimming. I felt a special connection with him ever since finding him at a local breeder. Before he was 8 weeks old, I would visit him almost every day and spend time with him playing outside.

Together, we traveled across the county in search of a fulfilling life and work that would allow him to be happy and safe throughout the day. We met some friends and lived in an area where there are nice spaces to run and meet other dogs. He was always happy to explore and most appreciative of my love. We were working to find our way together and he blessed me with inspiration and courage to pursue my dreams while raising him with the attention required. He was very smart, well-behaved, and receptive to training from me.

After a while I began working at a site where I could take Waldo to work and he could be inside or outside. I did not take him every day, and a friend took care of him while I was out. He seemed to like going with me, and I enjoyed him presence while knowing that it was good that we spent the whole day together. He came several days before the accident. I made the fatal mistake of leaving him loose outside while I was in the small office working. Suddenly, I heard a brief cry then ran over to find him passing away due to being hit only slightly in the neck by a company truck. He was sleeping under the driver side of the truck and an employee did not see him before beginning to backup. He did not suffer for long. Waldo and I shared many great experiences and love, though sadly, his life only lasted for 7 months.

It was entirely my responsibility to keep him safe and I mistakenly and ignorantly turned my back on this. His health, happiness, and safety were always my first priority. I miss Waldo so much and in so many ways. I miss seeing him happy while playing with me or other dogs, sitting and cuddling, and how he would await his meals. I am incredibly grateful for everything we shared.

The accident happened almost two months ago and I feel a lot of grief and regret over the loss and my lack of attention. The best thing we can do in such situations, I am finding, is to feel all the emotions as they come while striving to replace any negative emotion with love, gratitude, and appreciation. I believe that humans and animals both have immortal souls, and that the lives we are experiencing now are only a portion of our soul's experiences. Physical death leads to the soul's migration elsewhere and then new life.

I pray that I am sending thoughts and feeling that Waldo's soul is receptive of, which comfort him, and which the Universe acknowledges. If you wish to share life and love again with me, Waldo, I would be most appreciative and excited to give you a happy, long life. I love you and I miss you.


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