Your Pet Loss Stories

'The Best Memory in My Life was Having My Dog'

by Chenelle
(Canada, Ontario, Toronto )

Me and Princess

Me and Princess

There will never be another dog in my life, that will bring me the joy and the happiness that my dog Princess did. I will always remember when we brought her home for the first time. It was May 5th 1995 my Dad has spent the whole night in his car for my cousins to get home, finally my Dad arrives home, my Mom opens the door and there's my Dad holding a baby puppy. My Dad lets the puppy down, once he sat her down, she raced for the person who she saw first, and that person was me until my Sister grabbed her out of my hands.

My Sister squealed and yelled "I should name you princess!!", ever since than that's how she got home and her name. I will always remember how Princess lived up to her name, she was totally spoiled and rich, but as time came, we all grew. Life has very unexpected surprises, my dog was there when my parents were having a fight, she was there for me. Princess could feel that things where changing,(or maybe she was changing.) She was my best friend through thick and thin.

As more time came we decided to give Princess a check up/physical, so we went to our old home towns vet, he took some blood samples to see how she was doing in some areas, we also went to the vet because she also wasn't acting her self, the vet suggest it could be her thyroid, so he gave her some pills and took some more blood out.

So after the vet visit we went home, the next day it was 8:00am I was getting ready for work, I went downstairs to hear my Mom talking to the vet. I heard my Mom saying "Oh no.." which worried me, after she got off the phone she turned to me and sat down at the kitchen table with me, and said that Princess has kidney failure, which by that she could die.

My heart stopped as I went into work, and all my co-workers were being idiots, my thoughts made me mess up at work. My parents didn't know what to do besides to put Princess down, boy, let me tell you, that day came faster than a shooting star.

It was a Saturday around 12, we pulled up into the vet's parking lot. We grabbed all the things we needed to and walked inside. My parents went to the receptionist and paid for the needle, the receptionist went off into the back and set the bed for my dog. He comes out and says "okay, we're ready now", he also asked who was going into the room, my parents backed out but I decided to go in, so my parents gave my dog a kiss goodbye and sat in the area.

As I walked into the room with the receptionist, my eyes were watering up, the vet got everything ready and asked me "any last words?" I basically hold her in my arms and whispered I love you. The vet shaved an area on her leg and I could feel my dog shaking, before he injected the needle she gave me a kiss and a long sigh, and that was it. She was gone. I was crying so hard, that all my teardrops fell on her.

My parents came in and cried, and had our moment. After that once we were home my friend Adam came over with a big thing of flowers. Until this very day my dog will always remain my heart.

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