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'The Cat Who Stole My Heart - Minkie'

by Sasha-Lee
(South Africa)



I got Minkie at the SPCA. He had a brother and a sister there. While they tried to play with the people watching them, one cat just sat alone by himself. I wanted that cat and I got him. He went through many names as I tried to find one to suit him; Sooty, Muffin, the works! Finally I saw a movie where there was a black cat called Winkie. So I named him that.

A while after that, Minkie went to the house next door and they had left their hooks out with bait on them. He tried eating the bait and got a hook through his gum. No one told him and my brother rushed him to the vet quickly. My brother refused to say the name Winkie to the vet and changed it to Minkie instead and the name stuck.

He was docile and slept most of the day. He loved eating and grew fat. He would look for me and miaow to be stroked and loved. When I came home from school, he would come to where the car was miaowing hello. When my brother brought his dog to the house, Minkie became naughty and left parcels on my kitchen floor. But while we were away, somehow my sister got him trained!

Everyone loved Minkie. My nieces and nephew would play with him. He loved string. He was addicted. And when his eyes glinted, you knew to STAY AWAY, he was in a naughty mood. He would come lay on my bed.

On friday, August 26th, I came home to find Minkie on the floor. I picked him up and he miaowed constantly in pain. We tried everything; honey and water, disprin and finally phoned the vet cos he was vomiting. She said to bring him in the next day coz it was about 8:30 pm and she couldn't really do much. He went outside that night. I checked on him at 4 in the morning and he was ice cold. We thought he was dead. But he was still breathing. Fluid was coming out his mouth.

We phoned the vet at 6:00 and rushed him there. He fought and the vet tried everything, but his body gave up yesterday on the 27th of August 2011. He lived for 8 years. I just hope he knew that I tried and how much I loved him. He will forever remain in my heart.

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