Your Pet Loss Stories

'The Life That Was Gone Within a Few Steps'

by Destiny
(Cocoa, FL)



My 3 year old Great Dane got hit by a speeding car on July 3, 2011. I got back from walking him to a store down the road from my house and I put him in the house and then started to leave with my Boxer Dodger to go for his walk.

Then I heard screaming then a big thump and there was my best friend lying in the road. My Dad ran to the place he was laying and picked him up and then him and my Mom took him to the vet.

I waited for about a hour outside for them and it seemed like forever. And when they got home they told me that he died on the way there. He had 2 broken legs, broken ribs and internal bleeding, he had seizures and a heart attack too.

But the guy was going 50 on a 35 mile road and hit him. Astro was 6'4" standing on his hind legs, so he was a big dog. But the guy stepped out of his car said sorry and left which made me mad. But I go and see Astro every day (he's buried in my back yard). I'm getting dog tags in remembrance of him.


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