Your Pet Loss Stories

'The Little Bunny That Made My Heart Melt'

by Morgan Elizabeth

Her name was Xbox a little 7 week old lion head. I was nursing her back for a lady... She didn't know how to take care of this bunny. Her story was always changing adding new stuff. Well turns out little Xbox was given veggies and at 7 weeks is not supposed to have anything like that.

She came to my house a Friday night each day she got better. Started eating more and finally going to the bathroom well at least peeing for me! I was so happy to be peed on that day. Now I was just waiting for her to give me a good poop. Lol Monday night I tucked my three older bunnies in for the night then tucked her in. I asked my Mom to check on her in the morning when she woke up.

I got woke up Tuesday morning by Mom to come down. So I went down and looked in Xbox's cage she had finally pooped and was soaking up the praise and kisses we were giving her. Well I went back to sleep and when I woke up something was horribly wrong with her. I decided to take her out and wash her butt as she has loose poop. I did that and noticed she was kinda limp, I just thought it was because she was tired.

After I got her all cleaned up I set her down to see if she wanted to play. Well she didn't she fell right over. Right then I knew something was wrong. In the end she ended up dying in my lap wrapped up in a blanket in my arms. She was a fighter but I could tell there was no more will for her to live.

I miss her very much. She is buried by three other bunnies that passed away. In the Spring the garden will have flowers and lavender it will be so pretty. Rest easy baby Xbox I love you!

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