Your Pet Loss Stories

'The Love Of My Life For 16 Years'

by Heather

To start out I lost my cat Patches 8 months ago today. I have not grieved in any way and can't stand to even admit shes gone. So I thought I would start here maybe writing small things each day.

I struggle the most knowing I had to have her put to sleep. Although I didn't want her to suffer anymore and she was in bad shape. I feel like I killed my best friend and have not talked to anyone much about it because I thought I was being stupid until I found this site.

I was in the room with her when she was laid to rest and the images haunt me still but I didn't want her to die alone. I knew she wouldn't let me die alone. I just can't get the thought out of my head her looking up at me for the 5 mins after that first shot and how drool rolled down her face on to my shirt. I just told her I loved her and she could go and I would be OK, but I'm not OK I want her back so bad.

She was in my life for 16 years now I feel so empty. I feel like I played God in a way. Where do I go from here??????????

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