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'The One of a Kind Guinea Pig'

My sister got a guinea pig for her middle school present. She and I both loved it even though our dad did most of the cage cleaning. We had him throughout my and her middle school years and this would have been his 7th year with us. Which I know is a long time for a guinea pig, but I just wish I could have held that guinea pig one more time.

The days before we saw a major eating difference. He would go through a bowl of food and some hay in one day. But these few days he didn't eat as much. That last night we took him out and put him in a laundry basket and played with him for a few hours. He seemed fine. but that next morning my dad went to go clean his cage, and he saw him just laying there not moving. I was not aware of this until later that night.

My dad said that he probably died of old age. He was a great little pig. I just wish I could hold him one more time. I still miss him. Our family went and buried him next to a beautiful red leaved tree. I know that if I can't see him again I have many memories with him.

Scamper you were the best guinea pig any kid could have. You let us pet you without you biting us and whenever we did you made this bubbling noise, that made us know that you were happy. I just wish you knew what we were saying so you would know how much we cared and loved you. Scamper go bubble with Jesus and I just hope I can remember the memories we had for eternity.

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