Your Pet Loss Stories

'The Tragic Death of Cooper

Taken from us at such a young age'

by Monica
(Australia )

I got a phone call from my little sister that my adorable puppy who weighted only 1.2kg named COOPER died a tragic death on tuesday 22 september 2009.

It was around 3.30pm and my sister was playing with him with my other two dogs in the backyard. He escaped and ran to the park (which we always took him to the dog park around about that time). My dad chased him but it was too late, Cooper ran infront of a 4WD.

My sister raced to the vet but they couldnt get his little heart beating again. He was only 10 months....

I have never lost anything that i have loved so so much. When i found out by the phone call, my world stopped. I bursted into tears and fainted. I have never experiences such pain. I cried constantly for three days. Now that i have his ashes home, everything seems a little better. I feel that he will always be with me.

Our family was having a hard time communicating and getting along with eachother. But since Cooper's death, our family have been very close.

I love you Cooper and will always remember the good memories that we have shared. Thank you for the joy and happiness that you have brought into our family.

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