Your Pet Loss Stories

'The Tragic Death Of My Dog'

by Anjayla Stafford
(Detroit, Michigan USA)

Monday March 2nd 2009 I came home from work. My dog which was a german shepherd/pitbull mix named Peachs was in the house anxiously awaiting for me to come home from work. I came home around 3:00pm and when I opened the door there she was wagging her tail furiously and hopping up and down giving me kisses.

She went and got her leash and had it in her mouth sitting staring at me excitedly about going for a walk. I walked her around the corner and we came back home. I wanted to take her in the house with me while I changed my clothes so I could take her to her favorite store which is Petsmart... but she wanted to go in our backyard so she could play with the neighbor's dog. I put her in the backyard closed and locked the gate made sure it was closed and locked so she wouldn't get out the yard.

I wasn't in my house 2 seconds when I heard my neighbor shouting for Peachs to come back and I ran outside to see what was going on. Some kind of way she dug a hole under the gate which leads to the alley. She crawled under the gate squeezed out ran into my neighbor's yard and came out and kept running and ran out into the street trying to catch a cat. I called her and tried to catch her but it was too late.

A big ryder moving truck was speeding down the street, ran the stop sign, hit my dog so hard he knocked her eyes out. He slowed down looked at me and my neighbor as if saying "oh well" and kept going but my neighbor and I got his license plate number. We didn't have to call the police because the police was sitting right there and they saw it they did nothing. They rode past me and my neighbor didn't offer to stop and help us, they kept going.

I have no respect for Detroit Police they are useless. They saw my dog get hit and killed and they did nothing. This happened 6 months ago I still have a hard time dealing with her death. I cry a lot, I go to bed crying I get up crying. I have been diagnosed with depression but hopefully I can get through this.


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