Your Pet Loss Stories

'The World According To Thorn'

by Wendy
(Eagle, WI)



I adopted Mozart and Thorn shortly after my Sebastian was taken from me at the age of 16 1/2. He had suffered diabetes and end stage renal failure. I decided to adopt kittens as I would have them for a long time like my other boys... and give them a loving home.

Thorn was the cutest, wildest Tabby and tiny as well. He suffered from a chronic upper respiratory infection when he was a kitten. He was a tiny guy with the personality of a tiger! Bold and brave, never having any fear of anything or anyone. His brother Mozart and him were best pals. They loved to play together and sleep cheek to cheek. Everyone that met my boys fell in love with them.

A tornado hit our neighborhood this year on the first day of summer. Traumatic for all of us, we were thankful that our boys were ok. All was fine, until a day or two before his passing, he seemed to be a bit dehydrated and didn't have his usual appetite. I took him to emergency on Sunday afternoon, and got a report back that evening that he was doing better, but they thought he had some type of infection.

I got the call at 11:31 that night that he went into cardiac arrest and they performed CPR but he passed away. The grief and guilt one feels when losing a pet this way at such a young age, and not being there for them when they cross the Rainbow Bridge is a huge weight to bear. Mozart is sad and knows his brother is no longer with us, except in spirit.

To know Thorn was to know an angel that walked among us. How he would jump on your back to sit on your shoulders, give you kisses and lay by you with his arms wrapped around you--what a little snuggler he was. He loved to chase his tail and gallop through the house at full force.... and then bring you his mouse so you could play fetch with him. There is a part of me missing now, and I just hope when my time comes, little Thorn is the first one I see.

Always in my heart forever, I love you little angel. We miss you and we love you...

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