Your Pet Loss Stories

'Tiffany My Princess'

by Cherie

A lazy Sunday afternoon

A lazy Sunday afternoon

Tiffany was a Himalayan Persian princess and this is for you, we miss you we love you we ache. Thank you for 16 wonderfully blissful years of unconditional LOVE.

We have only just put our baby to rest yesterday April Fools day 2009 of all days. I was at work and had that dreaded phone call to come home. I got there as soon as possible only to find my little girl had some kind of hemorrhage from the mouth. We rushed her to the vet and on their suggestion left her there for observation.

They thought she had bitten part of her tongue off however as fate turned out it was much worse although we never thought she wouldn't be coming home. After 1.5 hours we went back after the call from the vet saying she was crashing and we were needed by her side. She was so fragile, innocent and scared was our little girl. I sat with her till my partner arrived, at that moment she howled when he walked into the room. Those beautiful yellow green eyes said it all, she was tired and afraid.

She had been ill on and off for a while but she would pick up and act like a kitten again although brief. We had her for 16 years and during that time she would wait across the bridge that hung over the valley and wait for me to cross. She knew the exact time I was arriving, but I think she liked the attention from the other commuters who would stop to pat her, she was only 18 months old at that stage.

She had been our family and the best friend a person could ever want for. In all those years she was no trouble unless you count opening the Sao biscuits and nibbling a corner of each or pulling the bread out of the cupboard to make a sandwich. She kept our laps warm at night, although she did trip me up to get to the food bowl and meowed incessantly when hungry. But we loved her so very much more than life itself.

Well we have said our goodbyes our loving our thank you for allowing us to love her, for choosing us and we said our silent prayers and watched as she cried her last meow. Take care of her Mum and love her lots, keep her company and keep her safe. I wish we had more time I wish I did more I JUST WISH SHE WAS STILL HERE.

Your loving MUM & DAD

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