Your Pet Loss Stories

'Tigger and Roo'

by Annalise
(Sherman, IL, USA)

It all started with a calico cat roaming around my backyard. Little did I know that cat would end up having two amazing little kittens that would change my life forever. After not seeing the adult cat for quite some time my mom, my sister, and I found two cute kittens under a bridge near our house. We knew they were her's because the one we named Tigger looked just like her.

We named them both after characters from Winnie the Pooh. My sister got Tigger and I got Roo. Roo was a black cat with a small dot of white on his belly. After a few months passed we found out Tigger had seizures. A few years later we had to put him down so he wouldn't be in any pain anymore. Only two months later Roo started to get sick. My mother had to keep him in the bathroom because he was vomiting.

That first night he was in there, I couldn't bear him not laying on the end of my bed while I slept. About a day later my mom said she was going to take him to the vet while I was at school to see what was wrong with him. Throughout the day I was worried but didn't expect the news I would get later that night. Right after school I tried out for cheer leading and made it.

I was finishing up my homework at about 9 o'clock when my mom and dad came down to say that when the veterinarians were about to take a blood test he passed away unexpectedly. All I could think of was the place I last saw him. He was laying down in front of the water bowl in my mom and dad's bathroom, he wouldn't move.

It hasn't even been a year since I lost him. I feel responsible for his death. I know for a fact no matter what anyone says Roo died of a broken heart. Only being a 12 year old seventh grader it is still very hard for me to cope with the loss of my best friend. The hardest thing of all is I don't even have a picture of him.

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