Your Pet Loss Stories

'Tiki Mouse My Sunshine'

by Winona
(Pensacola, Fl)

Tiki and I spent only 15 years of our life together, but for me she was a light that shined from the inside out. We had a bond between us that I have never felt. She let me know when she was not feeling good, or wanted her water as she had her own drinking cups I kept everywhere we were for her, she would wake me up with her little foot and say Mom water please.

When I got her I was going to teach her tricks, but she taught me all the tricks. She went with me to do my Art shows and then would go with me for my barrel racing. She had me wrapped around her little foot. And I thank God he sent her to me, but then he took her away and she was my Sunshine and the world will always be dark and cold without her light.

I know she put up such a hard fight to stay with me she was at the vet's from Saturday the 14th till the 19th of Jan this year of 2012. She spirit talked to me on the 17th by waking me up she told me I want water Mom I'm so dry so I put her cup in my bag for her, then she woke me up again and told me she was hurting again so I held her toy and rubbed it's tummy hoping she would feel my spirit wrapped around her.

I did that every night anyway, because I could feel her and knew she could feel me, but then she woke me up again and told me she was tired and she was running towards her sisters who passed before her and I yelled no Tiki fight baby your strong we can fight this so she turned around and came back.

The next day the blood work was better and the vet wanted to give her one more night to try, because she was fighting so hard. But that night her toy got cold and I could not hear her and I knew when I went in the 19th it would be to say good bye. I had to let her go and so I told her ok go play with your sisters and wait for me there's no time there so you'll blink and I'll be there too.

I know a lot of people would never understand the bond she and I had, but then again sometimes even I didn't, but it was there and it was such a bright light like nothing I've ever seen or felt. I have to wait till it's my turn to walk to the light and I know my Tiki will be waiting at the gate. I have to believe there is a place in heaven for pets too.

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