Your Pet Loss Stories

'Tina Cat'

by Holly

Tina was my first cat, I got her as a 6 week old kitten when I was 6 yrs old, she was a beautiful cat tortishell and white. she cetainly lived her nine lives to the full. Caught rabbits, mice and birds, went missing for weeks on end but always returned.

Just on monday I sadly had to say good bye to Tina as her time had come at the age of 19 years, due to kidney failure we had to put her to sleep as she wasn't getting any better and was losing a lot of weight. It was the hardest thing I've ever done watching her life slip away. We got her cremated and her ashes scattered around a pet cemetery.

She will always be remembered for her temperament and her ways she would talk to you and ask for her milk at the table her daily treat,that she enjoyed.

I will miss you Tina Cat xxx

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