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I know what you were going through
by: Anonymous

We lost our Missy Bug Bug yesterday, she was only 6 years and the love of our life and sweeter dog could not be had. She was fine one minute and the next day she was vomiting yellow bile, drinking water, but no food. We thought, boy she must have a stomach virus. We took her to the emergency vet and they had to keep her. They did test and she was in kidney failure -- how did this happen, she only got the best food, never ate strange things, and went to the vets regularly, we did everything for her, including doggie daycare, she was so worth it.

I called the vet hospital on Monday and asked if I could visit, no one told me how bad she was, they brought her in and she was walking on her own, I was so hopeful. Then the bad news, her body was filling up with fluids and her lungs were filling up -- I could see the pain in my baby's eyes, so painful, so hurt. I held her and then the vet came in to deliver the bad news == nothing could be done and I had to make the decision that will haunt me for the rest of my life. --

I will never forget the pain in her eyes and the fact I just wanted to pick her up and run out the door and tell her everthing would be fine. But, I knew I couldn't let her suffer like this with no hope in sight I have seen my father suffer with lung cancer and I understand that there are these worse than death, suffering with no end in sight.

I was completely devastated and now I see her everywhere, she was my baby, my best friend, my campanion, my love. It is so hard. Just last week I was thinking, well she is only 6 and she has at least another good 6 years to go, but I was wrong. I just wished I could have one more day to take her on one more adventure to her favorite doggie park, but no.

Again, I keep reliving the 6 years we had her and wondering why this happened so soon. I am sorry for you baby's loss. One day I will get another scotty and my only hope is that she will be as sweet and loving as my Missy Bug Bug.

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