Your Pet Loss Stories

'To My Chloe'

by Lauren E.

I was just finished vacuuming when I went upstairs to my bedroom. All I could do was scream "oh my god!!!". There was my cat, Chloe, laying dead on the floor. My family rushed in and picked her dead body up. My mother cleaned the mess of blood and fur. It was the most horrible event and one of the saddest days of my life I must say.

I can't even look at one of my dogs the same. Molly the dog has always shown aggression towards Chloe, but no one had ever thought it would result to this. Chloe couldn't fight back because she had been de-clawed on her front feet. I felt it was my fault and I cried all the time. Some people told me that it was silly and I needed to "get on" with my life. I didn't need to get on, I needed to get through really.

I am sharing my story because I don't want this to happen to any other person because the pain is excruciating. I personally can't walk into my own bedroom without shedding a tear. I feel nobody understands it and that's the worst part. She was a part of me and to let her go that quickly was hard. It almost didn't seem real. I wished it was a nightmare that I could wake up from, but sadly it wasn't.

Now we have to give the dog away that let instinct take over. A shame really. Please follow this advice I don't want ANYBODY to go through what I did. Now she is being cremated and I am giving the last gift of love. The gift of grieving. It's the last thing I have to offer on Chloe's behalf. I know I need to not blame myself, but it's hard. "If only I had done this or been more careful" keeps going through my head over and over. I guess Dogs just aren't meant to be with cats. ):

Love you forever Chloe's, you're in my prayers, have fun in kitty heaven.

See you soon - Lauren

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