Your Pet Loss Stories


by Marc

This is a difficult one. I went past a pet store some time in 2006 and there was this little black kitten in the shop... the last one. Possibly the runt of the litter. She had big eyes and a purr that was really big for such a small kitten.

I took her home and she was lovely. She always purred like a machine when I got home from work, she made best friends with my other cat, who sort of became a foster parent for her.

Yet as much as she was a cat she was my companion. She slept with me always and would either lie on me or on my arm. I always had a bowel of food for her in my bedside drawer because she would like a bit to eat middle of the night. When I had twins she accpeted them immediately and life carried on as normal.

We moved early 2009 to a bigger house and she loved the extra room to run around. In Sept 2009 she went missing. I still remember that last night I saw her, the 21st, she was sleeping with me, she woke, licked my arm and went downstairs. I thought nothing of it. By the next night still no sign and panic set in. I sent out notices and contacted the local SPCA's but to no avail.

I still find it hard to accept she is gone, it breaks my heart 2 years later when I see a picture of her or see one of her old toys. Gypsy, her friend, spent 3 nights calling for her. Even now I sometimes see him sitting outside waiting.

I have planted a beautiful rose bush for her and it keeps her in my heart. I guess by writing this "blog" I am saying goodbye my little girl. You were only 2 years old but you gave me a lifetime of memories.

Goodbye my girl.

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