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Missing my Ginger
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your loss. My heart is broken by the death of my beloved Ginger. I adored her, sang to her, slept with her, She was my daughter. I used to cry when I would think of her growing old and that one day she would pass. I would have to snap myself out of that and enjoy her. I always thought I would have time.

She was only two. She went out to walk the yard as she did every afternoon and out of the blue she chased a car. It hit her. She was a yorkiechon and only seven pounds. She was no match for that car.

We rushed her to the vet, she was still awake and alive. She didn't look hurt or crushed but she was struggling to breath. She was on my husband's lap when we raced to the vet. I was screaming...dumb, in shock, I kept thinking how could this be happening to my Ginger..
She looked at me with sad eyes then leapt into my lap. I carried her in to the vet and they took to her right away. For three hours we waited, and I bargained with every god I could think of. Pleads and promises were unheard. She didn't survive.
I too was in shock when we buried her and have been struggling all week with the rollercoaster of emotions I feel.
I will always miss and love her. She was irreplaceable.
I hope you find peace one day, I know your pain.

Sad times
by: jeanette

I know how you feel it is hard my dear Ameigo had passed away on the 11th of january from a uti which turned into a blockage, he was only 5 years old. I am always thinking of him and when I walk by his places where he loved to be I just burst out in tears and no matter what anyone tells me or says to me I just cry.

Some people tell me that he was just a cat but he was my lil man and I loved him dearly and they tell me I have other cats but it is not the same I was there when he was born and there when he died. I blame myself at times I know it wasn't my fault but I still blame myself.

My family is pretty much heartless when it comes to stuff like this they always tell me they don't want to hear it and to stop talking about the cat so I have looked on line and found this site where I can talk about my baby boy all I want.

Huggs to you

I know how you feel.
by: Jessica

My little dog Bentley died last week after getting out of the back yard and being hit by a car.
She did not look hurt, no blood, just asleep and put on the lawn (we know she was picked up by the driver of the car who seemingly saw she had passed). This happened 10 minutes before I got home. I feel guilt that I did not come home sooner... guilt that my husband left her in the back yard without securring a gap in the fence.... just racked with guilt.
I know how you feel :) The best we can do is remember them and respect their memory.

by: Chris

Snoopy was adorable! I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like he had a wonderful life and looks like he was spoiled. I hope you know that there are animals in Heaven. You'll see your Snoopy again...

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