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'Tragic Sudden Death of Snoopy'

by Alexandria Jimenez
(Fresno, CA)

I love you Snoopy!!

I love you Snoopy!!

Well here is the first time I actually write about what happened to my pet. My doggy was named Snoopy. He was like my baby. I loved him so much. I always told him that I loved him too.

I have another dog that is Snoopy's mom. I got to raise Snoopy from the day he was born. He was a Chi. He looked mixed. I took him everywhere. He slept with me too. He was also my companion when my husband deployed and I had no one else. He always seemed to brighten my day no matter how bad he was. I didn't like to take him to the Vet even though I did because I never wanted him to be scared or hurt.

It has been about a week or so since he has passed. I cannot seem to get my emotions together. It's difficult for me to even go to work and school. I've even gone to counseling and talked to people from church. I always find myself thinking of him. I even dream of him. Sometimes it is hard to even look at pictures because I miss him so much. I always tend to look for him around the house even though I know he is gone.

I have other dogs but they are not as close to me as he was. He was just a character. He would follow me everywhere. He would even exercise with me.

He died in a tragic way. I was at work and my father was supposed to be watching him. He was out doing yard work with a friend and he did not close the door right and Snoopy got out. It had been a while since my dad noticed him gone. My family and I went searching for him everywhere. We then found him in the neighbors yard. A Pitbull had bit him and killed him. It was so hard for me to see him like that. I saw him from a distance but could not get myself to see him up close.

I never had closure because I never got to say good bye to him. I sometimes feel like I wish I could have protected him. I have been so angry at my father for not watching him. I did not even get to see him be buried because I was going crazy crying after it happened. I wish I can turn back time and protect him but I know I can't. It's just so hard for me to accept that he is gone.

I talk to him all the time. I miss him so much. I hope that some day soon I will see him again. I hope that he is in a happy place where no one can hurt him anymore.

I love you Snoopy!!

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