Your Pet Loss Stories

'Tribute To All My Little Ones ....'

by Jean
(Durham, England)

I feel I must put into words the grief I feel for the loss of my little ones my innocent mice.

I have a room I keep my mice in and they all have their little groups in their seperate cages in one of my bedrooms that was spare, I will keep them near me and they will be safe.

I noticed that a few went missing and saw them scurrying about the room and tried for a couple of nights to catch them, but to no avail. Then I decided to empty the room to catch them, when we got to a far corner of the room behind a desk there was what seemed to be a nest. We moved it and it broke my heart to find that a wild rat had chewed it's way into the room and had been picking off my sweet little mice one by one and here lay there broken little bodies.

I am still crying now as I think that they died an awful death and I never heard their screams of agony, I feel like such a bad person that I let them down.

My tribute is that I may never forget my lovely babies and that they are at peace at the Rainbow Bridge and that they will forgive me for letting them down. Rest in peace my little babies you will suffer no more pain.

All my love your mum Jean xxx

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