Your Pet Loss Stories

A Planet, Goddess and Our Precious Puppy

by Teresa Ramirez
(New Mexico )

Venus was a 2 1/2 months old beautiful Blue Pit-bull Terrier. She was so sweet, energetic, playful and extremely loving. Her life was cut short by parvo. She passed on at 12:30 a.m last night. Our family is crushed. We are going to lay her down to rest this afternoon. I am devastated. This sweet little dog was a big part of our family. I am angry and sad. It's not fair to lose someone you love so much. It's so incredibly painful.

Below is what I wrote out. I intend on reading to her when we lay her down.


You came to us as a surprise. You were one of three very special puppies. You looked so much like your Daddy but acted so much like your Mommy. You were like a work of art truly stunning and one of a kind. I am so sad and heart broken by your loss. We all are. We lost a very special member of our family last night. I am so sorry that we could not do anything else for you. We tried, we really did. You tried too, we know you did. You were so strong and you fought until the end, yet you remained so sweet and loving through all your pain.

I understand exactly why you ran into the backyard with Bob yesterday. To say goodbye. I knew it then I just did not want to admit it.

I also realize why you fought sleep so much. You were not ready. Neither were we.

Venus. Thank You for bringing so much joy into our lives. We cherished every moment spent with you and will continue to treasure your memory. We love you very much. We hope you will find your endless supply puppy chow and an abundance of squeaky toys and balls in you sweet puppy heaven.

Love Teresa, Joe Aiden and Bob Barker.

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