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'Waking up in Tears'

by Gabrielle

The night before she went

The night before she went

I am a 13 year old girl whom is telling this story. It was in January 26, 2008. Last night my female cat Lollipop and her biological Brother Funnelcake were chasing each other and just having a fun night like every night.

I remember American Idol was on and my family was wide awake and alert, even the cats. Lollipop was sitting in the sink and Funnelcake was standing on the edge. I thought it would make a cute picture so I hurried and grabbed my camera and took the picture. My cats are crazy, they don't drink out of the bowl, they drink straight from the faucet.*laughs* (Lollipop thinks it's her bed though.) She was just being herself like every night.

They both sleep in my room with each of their special spots to sleep. Funnelcake sleeps on my little furry chair and Lollipop sleeps on my giant purple pillow. We gave our kisses and hugs and went to bed. It was 6:30am my time to wake-up and get ready for school. (My pillow that lollipop sleeps on, I keep it on the floor because she likes where she lays.)

My brush had fell on the floor and Lollipop was laying in her position she always lays in. As I went down to pick the brush up I decided to say good morning like usual every morning. My hand started to pet her from her head down as I was about to give her a kiss. Something felt odd, not normal. I stopped at her belly and waited for a heart beat...nothing...nothing...nothing still nothing. I tried to stay calm but...nothing.

So I pet her one more time and this time my head was having all types of thoughts. As I pet her fully this time, she was stiff; stiff as a board. She usually sleeps with her little tongue sticking out a little, her little pink tongue which had turned completely black. I screamed and cried as I was in shock. My Mom-mom comes running in and stops...cries...then calls the funeral home.

We got her cremated and she is in a gray little stone but a little of her remains are in my cat necklace which I wear everyday and night. A child should not find out in that kind of way that her pet has died. It's too devastating. Her Brother, Funnelcake is still with me but for a while he has been acting wierd and lonely. I mean it was his Sister. We were so close not friends but Sister's. Partners in crime. She was my life and we went everywhere with each other. Only 3 years old...too young.

We go to the owner who is my Mom-mom's friend which gave us the cats when they were born. She responds before I get done the sentence, "She died of a heart attack. The same thing happened to her 'cat' Mother a few months back."

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