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'Wally - My Best Friend - My World - My Love'

by Pam
(Adelaide, South Australia)

Photo of Wally the day before he went to Rainbow Bridge

Photo of Wally the day before he went to Rainbow Bridge

Wally was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, he came into my life when I needed him most. He made me smile again, and want to go on living. He gave me the love and companionship I needed, and he never asked for anything.

Wally was known to everyone, as he went everywhere with me. Even attending my own mothers funeral 2 years ago.

Wally was not a show dog, but went to all the shows with me, he travelled interstate with my show team, and I was always more proud showing him off than my other dogs..

We were one, and functioned as one. When I went away on holidays I always took his photo with me and placed it beside the bed.

Wally had a heart murmour, but had it since age 7, so I was not concerned, it never stopped him from doing anything.

One day when Wally was 13 years 2 months everything seemed differnt, he was having problems breathing, and getting comfortable, he did not seem happy, and the sparkle had gone from his eyes. I took him to the vet fearing the worse, he was kept in for the day, and I was told his heart had gone from a grade 3 murmour to a grade 5, and he was in bad shape. He was placed on medications and I took him home. I knew he was on borrowed time, but I did not know just how short that time would be. Wally lasted exactly one week later, and he stopped eating, and felt cold to touch.

That day will stay with me forever. It was the longest drive to the vet, and the saddest, as I knew he would not be coming home.. How do you say goodbye to your best friend, and know that he will never come back to you again.

I held him while the vet shaved his paw. I held him tight and sang to him while the needle went in, I cried tears in his beautiful white beard, stroking his head, and kissing his face, the vet had to administer 2 needles to help him go to Rainbow Bridge, I am sure he was fighting it to just stay with me as he knew I was upset. He loved me so much. I felt his final breath, and he was gone..

Oh god I miss him soo very much. I know he was in pain, and I could not let him suffer, but it is now me suffering without him.

I only hope and dream that one day he will be waiting at Rainbow Bridge for me.

His ashes are now home, and he is back where he belongs.

13 years is not long enough. My heart is broken and it will never heal.

I love you my dear Wally.. your basket sits empty.

Pam xxx

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