Your Pet Loss Stories

'Whelming with Grief'

by Josie
(Homestead Fla)

His name is Chewy Vuitton. More caring then a person, he would know when to stay by me while I took my medication. He would hear the machine stop, look at me in the face and leave to see where is grand pa and sit by him.

When we go out for a walk each day no one would be able to come close cause he'd let them know stay away this is mine and I'm taking care of her. At home for you to come in, HE gave the approval, he was working night and day keeping us safe. He was my shadow.

Our enjoyment I taught him how to dance. He would go round and round when I tell him 'lets dance' he was our baby. All I can do is pray to God for this pain to go away, and thank him for letting me borrow him. MY YORKIE.

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