Your Pet Loss Stories

'Whitekitty Was Celebration'

by Lucy

I found Whitekitty 10 years ago on the corner of a busy highway in the rain. We immediately were best friends. He filled my life with only joy and quirks. He loved to chase rubber bands, pull my hair, pull the phone off the hook, hide in a laundry basket. There was never a day that I didn't walk in that he didn't celebrate my coming home. What did you bring! he said. Food? Toys? Bags?

He crawled into my purse when he was a baby and til the day he passed at 15 lbs, was still trying to fit in. Everybody knew Lucy and Whitekitty, all my cards I signed that way.

I am disabled and he filled my house with joy. I walk in now and cannot do anything but cry. That feeling in your heart - HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. I keep all his things exactly as they were because it feels right.

I will never love a creature as deeply as I loved him.

God bless you, my little baby.

Wherever you are, you're making it a happier place.

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