Your Pet Loss Stories

'Yellow Mixed With Orange Makes LOVE'

by Pattie F
(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Upside down pound-cake boy..

Upside down pound-cake boy..

Baby boy... Momma is feeling the loss of all the silly antics you did. From riding on my shoulders through the house, to rolling upside down into a bag... any bag... that entered our home... to the only silly boy I've ever known to stand on his head on the head board for attention.

Yes sweet one... the tears are beginning to wane. But the pain still runs deep and the void is vast. Your Aunt Libby said when I was going to pick out kitties from a litter..."oh get an orange tabby.... they are sooo cool and so much fun!" She was so right. The 2 years of entertainment and laughter you brought to my life cannot be put into words... at least words that could accurately describe the joy you brought into my life.

Oh my yellow boy... I miss that big Orange head I kissed so often every day and those silly crossed eyes looking back into my own.

I had to let you go to heaven baby boy... your heart was giving out on you and I swore that when I adopted you I would care for you all your life and you would never suffer.

So to anyone who may read this... yes, orange and yellow boy tabby's are so very cool. Trust me. Jasper was the best.

Peace to all and baby boy... Momma loves you and will see you again.

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