Your Pet Loss Stories

'Zeke Ogden, Rest In Peace'

by Natalie
(Houston, Texas)

It's a beautiful morning and not to mention, New Year's Eve, I'm quite upset, complaining of nothing to do, so I ask Mom, "Can we go to Nana's house and play with the animals?"

We arrive to Nana's house and the first thing I do is look for Peanut and Zeke, my Nana's dogs. I stroll outside to pet them when I notice Zeke's missing. I run along to Nana and ask where may he be. We drove around Spring to find him since he has been gone for days.

When Nana gave up, we saw a little black smushed animal, laying in the middle of the road, a little tag lay aside it, reading Zeke Ogden, and the phone number. I held Peanut in my arms and sobbed quietly whispering to Peanut everything would be alright. Even though I thought not, I still had faith that Zeke had a good home.

As soon as I told Nana what I had seen she called my Mom and asked for help placing him inside a box to bury him. 1/2-1 hour later.. we'd gotten back to Nana's house and Mom, my Aunt Jessie, and Nana buried Zeke. I still clutched Peanut inside my arms, crying and screaming in the drive-way. I was only ten years old and did not understand why he had to die this way.

He was very young and a good dog, probably the best I'd ever known. I loved him and so did everyone else. Peanut was his only friend, more like a brother. After that day, Peanut was lonely and I could tell he had wondered why his friend was missing.

I still think about Zeke quite often, he was always there to listen to me, when I needed a hug I'd give him one, and he would always comfort me. I am now 12 years old and Peanut still lives this very day.

May he rest in peace, have a wonderful after life Zeke.


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